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Stephan in his bedroom
You've been photographed in your bedroom - what kind of space is this room for you?

The Room I've been photographed in is kind of whole of my apartment. It is bedroom – I really like sleeping, it's a great and awesome invention – and it’s also my office. Like in London, the rent thing in Berlin is also bad. So if you wanna live central, so you’ve got to share a flat with flatmates.

How would you describe the men in Berlin?

Ya, men in Berlin? I would describe them as a funny Potpourri. Whatever your taste of men is, you'll find something to match it. If you’re into beefy and hairy men, or if you’re into the twink scene, you’re sorted 0- you'll love Berlin I guess.

What's your favourite part of the city?

I totally have no fave part. Maybe my apartment, or the area I live in, Mitte, is pretty nice. But there is no “OMG, I’m so into Kreuzberg or Schöneberg” thing for me. Berlin has so many faces and all of them are a bit lovable.

How did you end up living in Berlin?

My "Berlin Career" began in 2004. Before that, Cologne was my town. Then, all of a sudden, one New Year's Eve I decided to move to Berlin. I said to myself, “Stephan, Berlin is cheaper, more relaxed and full of creative work. So, without a flat or Job in 2004, I packed all my stuff and moved to Berlin. The first flat I shared with a girl I met at my job. It was a one room flat, so we had to share a lot, even the bed. That was the beginning of my Berlin. And I have no regrets.

What makes a guy sexy for you?

A guy like my hubby! A sense of humour combined with wisdom, a sexy ass and a huge tolerance of me freaking out watching stupid politicians talking on TV and throwing things at them. No, seriously there is no scheme for what makes men sexy for me. Sometimes a hairy chest, sometimes the eyes or anyone who looks like Hugh Jackman.

Tell us about your favourite piece of art / film / music and why it inspires you.

My fav piece of art are the photos my bf is shooting. I'm really loving each pic he is doing and has done. Check them out here!

My fav films, a bit of a cliche, but it’s Star Wars. I grew up with them. Maybe it's childhood memories but Star Wars was the most terrifying thing for me.

I love music. There are lots that i’m a fan of. A huge like from me goes to Antony and the Johnsons went to their concert in Copenhagen and it was the best ever. I also soooooo love Kylie. She is the most amazing and entertaining singer ever, and Joshua [Sasse] is a jerk. But I'm also into musicals and electronic music like the stuff Gordon John is producing.